Our Services

Manuel’s Tree & Garden provides a variety of services regarding landscape care. Founded in 1964, our company has asssisted numerous estates in Dallas-Fort Worth and has since expanded to include care and maintenance of residential gardens. We pride ourselves on customized service, so if you have a project and don’t see the service listed, just ask. We’ll customize one of our services or guide you to the proper resource.


Although it may seem simple, proper pruning truly is a work of art.  Incorrect pruning will not only cause landscape design problems in the future but can interfere with new growth, including fruit and flower development.  At best, it can interfere with the natural flow of your landscaping design.  At worst, it can create structural weaknesses that may result in safety hazards such as fallen limbs or tree uprooting.  Manuel’s knows the different growth habits of each species so we can train your trees, plants and bushes in a way that encourages them to develop into strong, healthy and safe additions to your landscape.

Landscape Design

A well-designed landscape not only enhances the quality of your life but also adds significantly to the value of your home. But good landscapes, like good paintings, don’t just happen: they require planning. Just as painters sketch on the canvas to guide them as they paint their masterpieces, Manuel’s design team creates a plan for your landscape that takes into account not only aesthetics but the physical aspects of your space. We study the sunlight, drainage and soil health to determine the potential for future problems.

Then we’ll listen to how you envision your landscape, taking into consideration your personal taste, plans for maintenance and upkeep, and financial desires. Equipped with this information, we’ll prepare a detailed drawing for your review and meet to answer any questions or modifications you may have.

Whether starting with the blank canvas of a newly-built home, renovating an area that’s outgrown its original space, or considering a complete “do over,” a professional landscape design is the first step to achieving the masterpiece of your dreams, and it will save you time and money in the long-run.

Seasonal Color

You have your perfect garden … and then the seasons change. Each season is affected by perennial plantings going dormant. This is a natural part of the garden’s evolution, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose the magnificent drive-up appeal of your landscape. Manuel’s Tree & Garden will work with you to select distinctive color combinations that will supplement your permanent plantings with seasonal color. From design and installation to regular maintenance throughout the season, these annuals will provide lively and vigorous color that will keep your outdoor masterpiece as glorious as it was intended to be.

Tree & Shrub Installation

Trees and shrubs provide the “bones” of an artistic landscape. They shape, protect, shade and provide character to the surrounding area. Properly installed, they can enhance your landscape for generations to come. So why trust a couple of part-time workers at the local garden center to select and plant them?

Manuel’s trained arborist will assess the soil, topography, surrounding structures and utility lines, and future growth expectations before providing a recommendation for tree plantings. We’ll carefully examine each tree to assure its’ good health and structure before placing it in your garden. Then, we’ll follow up to be sure the trees and shrubs are becoming established at the appropriate growth rate and, if necessary, perform minor pruning of branches damaged during the planting process.

Quality Plant Material and Consultation

An artist is only as good as his tools, which is why Manuel’s Tree & Garden acquires only the highest quality, healthy trees and plants available. Our trained crews are experienced in the handling of large trees and the proper methods for installation of trees, shrubs and plants. Additionally, we offer many choices in auxiliary landscape elements, such as natural stone accents, edge treatments, various organic and inorganic mulches, etc., acquired from reliable local vendors.

When you call to request a consultation, a designer will respond to your call within 24 hours to schedule a visit. During this consultation, you and your landscape designer will walk the property to review your landscaping needs and develop a plan based upon your preferences. Your designer will then provide you with a sketch plan and a written estimate outlining the cost and timeframe of the project. Once you approve the plan and agree to the estimate, your designer will schedule the installation and coordinate all the labor and materials required to complete the job in a professional, responsive manner.

Estate Gardening

Manuel’s Tree & Garden has been working with some of the finest estates in the Dallas area since 1964, and we have extensive experience maintaining formal and estate gardens. We can provide ongoing upkeep, or enhance the existing classical structure with new plantings to augment the color palate or heighten seasonal color.


Trees are the focal point of a landscape and there’s nothing more beautiful than the elegant canopy of an established tree, not only artistically but horticulturally as it provides shelter and shade to the plant-life surrounding it. Occasionally, particularly in tornedo-prone North Texas, wind and ice can take their toll on multi-branched trees. When this happens, cables can be installed in weak or potentially dangerous trees as a way of extending the life of the tree and provide protection to surrounding structures.

Weaknesses may not be readily apparent so a trained arborist should be consulted on a regular basis – both before and after cabling – to assure the health of the tree, and to discern the condition of split, decayed or poorly structured limbs. Manuel’s has been maintaining the health and safety of trees in this area since 1964.


Ask us about our tree and landscape fertilizer program. We use a variety of techniques depending on your unique situation. For trees we recommend deep root fertilization with a slow release fertilizer. Good deep root fertilization will expand the tree’s root system and increase the lifespan of your trees. Our fertilizer will also enhance foliage, flowering blooms, and the health of your trees throughout the year.


Sometimes even the healthiest of gardens falls victim to the ravages of insects or disease. If environmental stress is the equivalent of dulling the colors of a painting, insects and disease are like taking a knife and slashing the canvas! Left uncorrected, pests and disease can cause permanent – and sometimes irreparable – damage to your landscape. Manuel’s Tree & Garden specialists keep on top of infestations active in our geographic area so we can perform preventative tree spraying before pests and disease become established.

Often damage occurs so rapidly that pests and/or diseases become established before preventative spraying can be done. In these instances, Manuel’s will perform curative tree spraying to stop the insects from causing too much damage. Because the populations of insect pests that feed on trees and shrubs can fluctuate from season to season, it may not always be necessary to spray a tree or shrub every year. In other cases, tree or shrub damage will be almost certain if tree spraying isn’t done. Manuel’s will be able to let you know what trees or shrubs in your landscape are commonly attacked by various insect pests or tree diseases.

Tree Removal

Sadly, there are times when a tree must be removed from a landscape. Perhaps a tree has outgrown the surrounding structures, has sustained extensive damage, or has come to the end of its lifespan. Tree removal is a dangerous procedure and should only be performed under the guidance of trained arborists, by workers who are bonded and insured for your safety and protection.

Manuel’s Tree & Garden has a long history of safely removing trees that are growing in confined spaces near homes, utility lines, pools, and other sensitive areas. We’ll handle the process by protecting the surrounding vegetation, carefully providing a well-protected drop area, and cleaning up all debris.

Tree Injections

There are a variety of issues that can impact the health and longevity of your estate trees. Lethal fungus, pests, disease, and nutritional deficiencies are all worthy of concern. Trunk injections are becoming a popular alternative or complement to your tree care and prevention program. Tree injections involve using a specialized tool that directly injects the solution into the trees vascular system and distributes throughout the tree canopy. You can trust our certified arborists to help you identify the problem and provide the best solutions for your trees.

Holiday Installations

Decorate for your holidays inside and out. Manuel’s Tree & Garden provides landscaping, floral, and lighting assistance to make your home beautiful any time of the year. Ask us about our colorful pumpkin displays for the Fall or sparkling light installations for the holiday season. Looking forward to a special family wedding? Let us design something truly memorable to highlight your cherished event.